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Shrimps 101

Shrimp Mating: How does it happen?

by Alexcel Lorin John Collaborator 07 Aug 2020 0 Comments

Ever wonder how shrimps mate? It is a bit different than the usual mating process like other animals do which some lucky individuals are able to capture and share. These videos are interesting as not every day someone can witness the said activity. But fret not, whatever the videos show are just part of the mating process which does not do any harm to either male or female shrimp. It is just amazing to discover new things every now and then which only proves that there is a lot in this world that humans are yet to know. 

The process is not that difficult as the shrimps are going to mate once the water composition and parameters are set on the acceptable levels which are intended for breeding shrimps. So the job of the owner is to prepare the fish tank accordingly and the shrimps are just going to do what it is supposed to do, mate with each other. In some references, it is recommended to have a separate fish tank.



 This video talks about shrimp mating from start to finish and what it takes to get shrimp owners into successful breeding which even beginner can easily follow. 

Credits to McMerwe Youtube Channel 


This very short clip is just showing us how shrimps mate at actual footage taken from an owner's tank. Here you can see that the female shrimp is somewhat agitated with how the male shrimp mates. 

Video courtesy of di Channel


This is another clip showing that the cherry shrimp in the tank is already on the process of breeding peacefully all throughout the video. 

Video courtesy of Magneficient Doge Channel
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