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Shrimps 101

How Not to Kill My Shrimps

by Alexcel Lorin John Collaborator 02 Aug 2020 2 Comments

To make a successful fish tank, there are few things the owner must remember at all times as it is going to determine a good outcome. Shrimp care is rather difficult than taking care of a fish tank because shrimp is more delicate than fish. 

If owners want to ensure less to zero casualties on the shrimp tank or production, a quick guide is important so inexperienced or even established owners can have a go-to reference to help.


1. The shrimps are purchased the same day the shrimp tank is setup and completed which is not a very good idea but it happens especially when it is just the first the owner is setting up a tank. In case this happens, the shrimps need to be acclimatized for hours and water tests should be done without shortcuts as the last thing the owner wants is to put the shrimps in shock. 
Credits to Reddit
2. Choosing shrimps that are home-bred than those that are transported from the wild or overseas as shrimps that are grown on-site is much more tolerant of environmental changes. 
Credits to Water Zuu Pet Shop Page
3. Picking the right seller where the shrimps come from as this increases the chances of the shrimp survival especially when transport involves shipping. There are a lot of sellers that handle transport effectively and efficiently to make sure the shrimps get to the owners alive and in good condition. 
Credits to unique aquapets page
4. This is related to the first bullet where the shrimps are purchased the same day, in this case, the fish tank has not been cycled yet. The fish tank is just an artificial environment for the shrimps to live in and getting the water parameters right should be the goal before introducing the shrimps to the tank. The water cycling takes a few days to complete to allow the bacteria to grow and mature the water inside the tank. The water parameters need to be checked to make sure it is at acceptable levels. 
Credits to Hollywood Fish Tank
5. Investing in test kits is also part of the requirements to maintain the fish tank where the water composition is going to change through time and the owner needs to ensure that the ammonia levels or the nitrate level are still in check because as the fish tank matures, so as everything inside the tank. 
6. Tap water needs to be treated because of high chlorine content which is normal in getting the water potable for human consumption. It is not normal for shrimps to be immersed in high chlorine density water because it is fatal to them. Dechlorinators can be used to treat water in a day or two before the shrimps can be added to the fish tank. 
Credits to Gabalda Discounts website
7. The use of hot water when changing the water inside the tank is not necessary and may rather cause harm than good. Hot water reacts to the water differently and that causes irregularity to the water composition which is harmful to shrimps. 
Credits to Wired
8. The use of a heater is not necessary when the room temperature is making the water inside the tank at its desirable level, between 20C to 22C. Constant gradual temperature change is not going to cause harm to the shrimp unlike when the temperature is regulated then suddenly it changes.
Credits to Aliexpress
9. This is more common to new fish tank owners where the fish tank is showered with lots of food with the intent to feed the shrimp but the owner must remember to just feed the shrimp twice a day and with the food that can be consumed in 2 minutes. This may not be understood right away but food decay causes ammonia levels to rise as well as nitrate levels which both are harmful to shrimp.
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10. Too much water change is also not good because it takes away the already balanced water composition by adding a new set of water portion to the fish tank. Water change can happen when it just necessary through water tests results showing signs of unideal water chemistry and if the water is already cloudy. But when the water is clean, there is absolutely no need to change or add more water to avoid harm to the fish tank. 
Credits to Digifish
11. The addition of a new plant is also bad when it is not washed properly as chemicals may harm the freshwater shrimp without the owner’s knowledge. Live plants are ideal to add than those artificial because of the chemicals that owners should avoid. 
Credits to the10besttankfilters
12. Male to female shrimp ratio should be balanced at all times to eliminate problems later on. The ideal is to put more female than male shrimp. 
Credits to shrimpandsnailbreeder 
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    01 Sep 2020 Alicia

    Great advice! What sort of food should shrimp be fed? Is there any fish to avoid putting in with them? I’m eagerly awaiting my new little classroom pets!

    13 Aug 2020 Maz

    Thankyou again for another good blog Hoang has helped me with my tanks and I will be forever greatful for his help I am a repeat customer and his knowledge is great I has lost a lot less shrimp by following what he has advised

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