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How Prepare Rocks For Aquarium or Fish Tank

by Allyson Dillera 26 Sep 2017 0 Comments

How Prepare Rocks For Aquarium or Fish Tank

The utilization of rocks or stones in an aquarium is very popular; it is one of the great aquarium ornament. You can buy various types of rocks from your local aquarium shop.

how to prepare rocks for aquarium

But you must be aware of if all rocks are suitable for your aquarium or not! Certain types of rocks may carry dangerous metals or minerals which will leach into the water over time and harm your aquatic animals or alter the chemistry of the water. These are quite useful aquarium ornaments when setting up your fish tank.

Online Aquarium shops are aware of this and sell rocks which are either artificial or natural which will be aquarium safe. If gathering from the wild, try to avoid rocks that seem to sparkle with a metallic glint as this may be mental which is harmful to aquatic life.

One test is to use an acid, like common table vinegar and drip some into a tiny pool on the surface of the stone, leave for five minutes and see if the area has fizzled as the vinegar dissolves the rock. If it does, do not use this stone.


 Preparing the Rock:

  •  Before you add the rock into your fish tank, please make sure you wash in boiling water to dispose off any bacteria, fungus, algae, and parasites that may be present. Be vigilant boiling or roasting rocks as they can explode!
  •  Make sure that you do not place the stone on the base of a bare aquarium as the rock might break the glass or plastic walls. Add a layer of fine sand or gravel beneath it first.
  • Ensure that the stone is installed deep enough in the substrate so it will not overflow, over time.

Points to Remember:

  • Be aware that the rock will displace water in the tank so efficiently reducing the quantity of oxygenated water accessible for life in your aquarium. Artificial rocks will be hollow and will have much less effect on water displacement and density.
  • Keep in mind that the rocks have weight, can your furniture (and floor!) support the extra weight of the stone?


Rocks which you must Avoid:

  • Limestone, Dead Coral fragments or coral sand (except if you want to increase the GH of your water)
  • Amethyst (it carries Manganese and unchelated iron), Geodes, Gypsum, Ironstone, Nephrite, Marble, Jasper types
  • Sandstone - can have Feldspar (likely metals)


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