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4 Tips about How To start a New Freshwater Aquarium

by Allyson Dillera 24 Aug 2017 0 Comments

How To start a Freshwater Aquarium

Is the tank glut?
Or when was the last time you completed a water change?
Or when was the last time you checked the water?
Are you overfeeding?

Taking care of your tank means you will have the knowledge to address issues when they crop up analytically!

how to start a freshwater aquarium

 If you are starting to devise a new aquarium, you are making a great decision and a decision which you will not regret.

However, failing to understand how to take care of your aquarium and its inhabitants will quickly lead to failure and frustrations. Taking the time to learn to get your tank going perfectly can mean the difference between success and failure.

Here are a few tips which can help you in starting a freshwater aquarium.

4 Tips about How To start a New Freshwater Aquarium

Tip # 1: Cycle your Tank

The first thing to do even before the fish are purchased is to cycle the tank. Quite simply, you do not want to buy your fish tank and fish on the same day. Cycling the tank means you are allowing it to grow the mandatory bacteria in the substrate and filter so that the fish waste is properly broken down. Ammonia and various other awful substances can build up in a tank which might prove fatal to the fish. In the absence of these healthy microorganisms, this procedure happens much faster.

The answer to this problem is to add fish after cycling the tank. It can be accomplished by using one of the kits that come with a new aquarium, utilizing an over-the-counter product or simply by adding some fish food to the tank and wait.

Tip# 2: Learn to test your water

The next thing you should do is to get a water testing kit and learn how to use it. You need to look at the chemical makeup of the water to ensure it as safe. The water testing kit notifies you when your tank is cycled properly, and then helps you monitor the conditions as you add more fish.

Once your tank is up and running for a while, the bacteria colonies in your tank will have cultured to where you probably would not need to test the water all the time, unless something bizarre happens like a sudden die-off of your stock. However, in the beginning, you want to get a handle on your water conditions and make sure you are not overstocking.

Tip# 3: Evaluate the pH of your water

In extension to testing the water the fish live in, you need to check the water source you are utilizing to fill the tank. This might look easy, but many beginners do not recognize the chemical makeup of the water. Whichever type of water you are using, first you need to test it and see where it stands in its base state. You also need to be aware of additives like chlorine which are not safe for your fish and will need to be nullified.

For some fish, the makeup of your water will simply be too far out of line with their necessities. However, once you know the pH value of your water source, you can correlate it with the fish you want in your tank and avoid any mistakes.

Tip# 4: Research about fish before you buy them

Walking into a pet store and depending on the staff is not a good idea. You need to do your research before buying fish. Visit websites or online forums, which are dedicated to fish keeping if you have any queries. Select the fish that grow to a suitable size for your aquarium, and will get along with each other.

It is far more suitable to understand the needs to the fish you plan to keep and make the right decisions based on that information so that it is easy for them to live in an appropriate environment which proves beneficial for them.

You can even set up a little mental checklist for yourself. When fish start acting peculiar, or the water gets cloudy, or you see a bunch of fish suddenly dead, ask yourself some questions. THE QUESTIONS STATED AT THE START OF THIS ARTICLE! And the best Aquarium Accessories in Australia can be found here - https://www.exoaquaristic.com.au/collections/aquarium-accessories


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