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by Nguyễn Hoàng Anh Tuấn 04 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Hello newbie, before buying a fish, please talk with Micro Aquatic Shop for the best advice for your new tank. This process helps you have a great experience and easy for the first time to keep aquatic fish. Or maybe you own a tank already and you want to add more fish, this blog is written for you.

You are so excited and HOPE to see your “new pet” swimming in the aquarium tank. I know that. But unfortunately, the most common cause of fish death the first time fish is in the tank is due to not acclimatizing properly. The acclimatization helps new fish not only adapt to any changes in water temperature in the tank but also prevents pH shock - an imbalance between the water in the shop tank and your tank.

Therefore, it is important to give your new fish a good recovery and acclimatization period after a kind of shaky ride, from the shop to your home. By giving them time to relax before letting them into the “new house”. Place the fish bag in a cool, corner, and dark place. Prevent the bag from being bumped, slipped, or dropped.

Here are 7 + 1 basic steps, when adding fish to your new tank. Please take note, this procedure should be done in a separate tank before adding your new fish to your tank.  

  1. If you already have other fish and this is your first time adding new fish to your tank. Feed your old fish first, just to distract them and this will prevent them from bullying your new pets.

  1. Your aquarium tank should have a pH of zero ammonia and chlorine, in addition, you should make sure the water temperature is suitable for new fish. Use the pH TEST KIT at Micro Aquatic Shop for the perfect water environment when you first add fish to the tank.

  1. Remember to turn off the lights, reduce the light in the room or limit the light entering the aquarium, this will help the new fish not be stressed and the process of acclimatization happens quickly in the new tank.

  1. Place the bag’s fish in the tank, and let the bag float for 15-20 minutes to balance the water temperature in the bag and the aquarium. Then, open the mouth of the bag but fold the top open, avoiding the water in the tank flowing in and the water in the bag flowing out into the tank.

  1. Check the pH of the water in the bag and in the aquarium. Compare the results with the pH of the tank water and note the difference. For example, if the pH of the water in the bag is 7.0 and the pH of the tank is 7.2, the difference is 0.2.

  1. Check and compare the water between the fish tank and the water in the bag. For example, if the pH in the bag is 7.0 and the pH of the tank is 7.3, then the difference is 0.3.

  • pH between 0.1 and 0.3: Add 1/2 cup of water to the tank, after 15 minutes to 1 hour. Test until the pH is equal.

  • pH 0.4 or higher: Add 1/2 cup of tank water, after 15 minutes to 2 hours. check for the pH of the tank to balance with the pH of the bag.

  1. Use a small net to catch the fish out of the bag and put them in the aquarium. Do not pour the water in the bag into the tank. Instead, add dechlorinated tap water to the aquarium to replace the removed water.

Last but not least. Keeping quiet and turning off the aquarium lights will help your new fish recover during the transition to this new tank.

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