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How To Clear Fish Tank Water - Make Your Aquarium Water Crystal Clear

by Allyson Dillera 03 Oct 2019 0 Comments

How To Clear Fish Tank Water

Make your aquarium/ aquascape water crystal clear

How Make Your Aquarium Water Crystal Clear


Having an aquascape or an aquarium in the house is a bliss. 

The exotic stones, green plants and harmonious movement of fish, all of these are not only soothing to the eye but also induce a relaxing, serene environment. You must have spotted an aquarium in spas, hotels or even in a therapist's office, mostly in all the places where people go to loosen up and relax.

But all the tranquillity these aquariums have to offer fades away when you have things floating in the water.  The uneaten fish food, fish waste, debris from plants and gravel can easily contribute to making the water cloudy and green, which is not usually a very pleasant sight. The algae growth inside the water tanks also hinders the visibility in the tank and can come back from time to time, even after cleaning.

A clean aquarium is a beautiful aquarium. Having a crystal clear water in your aquarium exhibit that you are taking good care of the fishes and promoting a healthy environment in the aquarium. But let's also accept the fact that cleaning an aquarium could be a tiring and time-consuming task. And hence today we are going to discuss some simple steps that people can follow who are in the pursuit of keeping their aquariums clean and healthy. 

Invest in a good filter

Aquarium FilterIf you are planning to keep and aquarium or aquascape in your home, the first thing you want to do is invest in a good filter. Why? If your fishes are living without a filter in the tank, they might be alive, but they need a good quality filter to flourish. A good filter controls gases like nitrate and ammonia in the tank, cleans up small debris and regulates airflow, allowing your fishes to breathe. It is always advised to choose a filter which can clean an aquarium one size bigger than yours, to ensure maximum cleanliness. The market has different types of filters to offer, and you can buy one as per your budget and convenience. 


Avoid Too Many Fishes in the Tank

This is one of the most common mistakes fish keepers make. They overstock the aquarium. 

How To Clear Fish Tank Water

A tank of certain capacity can handle a certain number of fishes and decorations. Keeping too many fishes in a compact space not only limits the oxygen in the tank but also contributes to high levels of ammonia and nitrate, both highly toxic for the immune system of your lovely fishes. A small aquarium limits the mobility of the fishes, which might also make them aggressive towards each other, leading to death or injuries. An overpopulated aquarium will not only be difficult to maintain but also expensive.

If you are someone who has an overpopulated aquarium, you can either consider buying a bigger one or you can buy another aquarium and relocate some of the fishes in the new one. Having more space to swim freely not only make the fishes healthier but also happier. 

Do not overfeed the fish

We all have been there where we have overfed our fishes out of love. Trust us, we get you. But this might be the reason why your fish aquarium never has crystal clear water.

Every fish comes with an appetite. Sprinkling more food in the aquarium than required will just result in rotten fish food, which might cause floating tidbits in the tank. Even if your fishes manage to gulp down all the extra food, your aquarium will be flooded with fish waste, resulting in more ammonia and nitrate formation, which in turn will lead to algae formation.

It is always better to consult about the fish's appetite. Fishes like other pets don't require a massive meal and providing a limited and appropriate amount of fish food will save you hours of scrubbing and cleaning.

Change water weekly

Replacing 100% of the water in the aquarium could be a daunting task. Taking out all the fishes, scraping and scrubbing, not to mention the trauma fishes go through. But leaving all the hard work on the water filter is also not the favourable solution. You need to make sure your aquarium is crystal clean and fishes are healthy. 

How to clean green aquarium Water


The solution to healthy, clear aquarium water lies between the two. Yes, we are talking about partially changing the water. This forgiving method is easy and consumes a lesser amount of time. All you need to do is change 10% to 15% of the water if you have a spacious aquarium with less number of fishes. If you have a crowded aquarium, changing 20% of the water is recommended. 

The reason why experts recommend this method is because it helps balance the pH and nitrate levels of the water. It is also advised to check your filter the same day when you are carrying out this task. Some people prefer changing 100% of the aquarium water all of a sudden. But people do not realise that doing this might shock the fish. 

To do the partial change, you can either use an automatic water changer or you can use hose and buckets, which is a more traditional way. You can choose whichever method is more convenient for you. But before you do anything, make sure you have unplugged your aquarium. 

Buy a UV sterilizer

Investing in a good quality UV sterilizer might take your aquarium cleaning regime up a notch. The UV sterilizers kill all the microorganisms and viruses, which might spread through water from one fish to another. These sterilizers are excellent for controlling algae, which helps you control the green pigmentation in the water. Though there are many UV sterilizers available in the market, you can buy the one appropriate for the size of your aquarium. 

Aquarium UV sterilizer


To achieve crystal clean water in aquariums or aquascapes is not as hard as it sounds, but even a bit of ignorance can lead to unintended consequences. We know that everyone who owns a fish or wants their little buddy to be happy and healthy and a crystal clear water promotes exactly that. If you are someone who is a perfectionist when it comes to crystal clear water in the aquarium, we are sure these steps will help you not only achieve your goal but also keep your aquarium that way.

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