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Beginners Guide

Betta Sorority Tank Setup: A Step by Step Guide

by Ammar Pervez 19 May 2020 0 Comments

We all carry some hobbies throughout our lives, don't we? Having an aquarium or fish tank sounds appealing to a lot of us.

Those little, colourful species bring a certain vibe to the room. If you are also a novice yet love to have some fish around, we got you.

You may have heard of Betta Sorority as it sounds funny and weird at the same time. Wondering what is this or is it even a thing?

Well, try to understand in this way. Consider them as a group of bettas that dwell in the tank together.

Or in other words, a tank holding female betta fish.

Now, those who haven't done this will need some help and guidance. If you are also interested in following up on the trend than stick with us till the end.

Today we will share with you a detailed guide of the Betta Sorority tank setup. Before starting, you need to keep 1 thing in mind.

The sorority can either be a complete success or a disastrous failure. It depends only on you and what steps you take.

If you succeed in keeping the environment maintained then your sorority will thrive.

Being so appealing, female bettas are a new trend we all want to follow.

Try to be patient with the setup process so your bettas can have a safe and stress-free environment.

Without much ado let's get started with the setup steps!

Betta Sorority Tank Requirements

For someone with zero experience, it can be tough and time-consuming. Even if you have some basic know-how, you will need to get your hands on some tips.

A lot of factors will count like competing for the food with others, marking her territory.

Then vie to live with aggressive fish within the same place. One of the major reasons for failure is stress among the fish.

It also leads to disease outbreak within the enclosure. So the owner must ensure there is minimal stress for the fish.

You will need to maintain the water quality all the time. If you neglect this, the results would be weak immunity of the fish.

This obviously will lead to the spreading of diseases. But you can avoid these distresses by following a few tips given below:

Minimum Tank Size

First of all, comes the tank size. Now, there is nothing like ideal tank size or water capacity, etc. You need a tank with at least 10 gallons of capacity.

Only then the Betta Sorority will remain together, lesser won't work.

Yet you can increase the size with more capacity than 10 gallons.

The reason behind is that female betta needs to mark their territory. It is a part of their nature; to be territorial.

If you end with a smaller tank it will only cause fights or deaths. Whereas with a spacious tank, they will easily drift away from other bettas.

If they have the desired area, there would be less stress among them.
Provide as much cover

After you are all set with the tank size, comes the cover. It would be ideal if you tend to provide as much as possible.

Go for rocks, driftwood, freshwater plants, foliage, etc.

These cover are a great source to hide from bullying fish and also deduce the conflict ratio.

Also, these covers will help in establishing a territory.

Apart from that, the covers will also be the decor your tank needs. Using driftwood can be of great help in lixiviating tannins.

This will soften the water and make it acidic like the natural habitat. As for living plants, they will help with reducing nitrates and phosphates.

The water will remain clean and healthier for the fish. Also, it mimics the natural environment so the bettas feel like being home.


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As the bettas are tropical fish from Southeast Asia like Myanmar and Thailand. They will thrive in warm temperatures from 75°-81°F so always install a heater.

Or they will end up dying due to fluctuating temperatures.

Bettas tend to survive in filtered water and prefer gentle flow only. So with the filters, the water will not only remain clean.

But the bettas will swim easily. As they are not such strong when it comes to swimming and can't exist in currents. 

You can always opt for a sponger filter as it promises biological filtration too.

If your tank water has accumulated ammonia, the bettas can suffer poisoning.
At the same time, it is pretty gentle for the bettas.

So you will also save time spent on changing the water now and then.

Water Parameters

Setting up the tank for bettas also requires a few water parameters to meet. Being a fish that loves soft water, you also need water conditioning.

If you won't treat the water, it won't have the desired pH level to survive.

The level of minerals, chlorine, chloramine, etc can also increase and become fatal.

Even though bettas are farm-raised from quite some ages, they show adaptability. Yet you still need to be a bit careful about a few parameters.

The water needs to have a pH of around 7.0 with minimal hardness.

Then there should be zero ammonia or nitrite and nitrate level must be <20ppm.

Tips When Adding Your Bettas

After you have fulfilled the basic tank requirements, now comes the fun part. You can finally add your bettas but only after following a few tips.

You want to have the best sorority tank and for that, you need quality bettas.

One bad fish can also be a real trouble maker and we don't want that to happen.

So read out these basic yet necessary tips while adding/choosing your bettas.

The Right Number Is Important

People often make mistakes while choosing the tank size or the number of bettas. You can't crowd the tank with lots of fish or they would end up fighting.

You can start with 4 bettas in the tank and that's the minimal number. You can enhance the quantity but not decrease it or the weak will be a victim.

Though you can add more bettas but don't forget to balance the number. Your 10-gallon tank won't be an absolute option for more than 5-6 bettas.

If you tend to have more bettas then increase the gallons by 3-gallons for each new betta.

Be Sure that It is A Female Betta

One major point while picking your betta is to ensure it is a female. People, even expert aquarists also sometimes mistaken males as females.

If you see a white speck that is an ovipositor in their belly. Then it is a female betta else it is a male betta. So while making a selection, don't forget to give a quick look.

Get Female Betta that Are Familiar With One Another

While choosing the bettas, ensure that they were relatively close to each other.

If your selected females were close or in the same tank, they will show the least aggression.

But if they were not close then a sense of unfamiliarity arises causing distress.
Another solution is to buy from a local breeder.

As you get not only the fish that are familiar to each other but of the same age.

Also, these breeders tend to take a lot more care of their fish compared to importers.

So the fish will be an even healthier one when bought locally.

Choose Younger Female Bettas

If you want your sorority tank to be a success rather than failure than this tip is a must.

When you are opting for your bettas, always ensure you have younger females. As the young or baby bettas are not quite aggressive.

Again local breeders are a far more reliable option. You can get fish with the same size and age.

The setback of choosing mature betta is aggression. Also, when you buy fish of almost the same size, they won't bother each other.

Whereas bigger bettas tend to intimidate the small ones and harm them. When chosen young, they will grow together and be familiar.

Add Bettas that Look Different

Rather than selecting the same type, you must have variation.

First of all, when they will be different in looks, they will be least aggressive. As the fish tend to avoid attacking those which resemble them the least.

Next, they will bring out the beautiful colours in your sorority tank. You can choose from Half-moon betta, Crowntail betta, or Retail betta.

There are also a lot more options to look up to.

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Add ALL Bettas At The Same Time

We all know that bettas are territorial and this can also cause a conflict. So when you are about to add them in the tank, try to add them at the same time.

This will for sure reduce the chance of territorial conflicts.

Also, when they go into the tank altogether, they will get a sense of familiarity.

Rather than bullying or showing aggression, they will rather remain in peace.


General Maintenance

Even after you have set up your sorority tank with success. There are a few general maintenance tips you need to work on.

If you want to make your sorority tank a success, always keep it maintained.

First in the list comes to the water changing cycles, you need to do it every week. You can change 25-50% of the water and vacuum any solid waste in there.

If you have added some decor and plants, that will also need some cleaning. So while clearing the tank, don't forget to clean the corners and under the decor too.

Apart from that if you witness any frail or feeble fish, don't but it in the first place. You will have to nurse it and that can be a real problem.

A feeble betta is more likely to get attacked by other bettas. As a weak betta might have some diseases or carry parasites.

A single frail fish can cause health issues for other healthy bettas. So if you try to nurse one sick, other healthy bettas may fall prey.

Aggression In Sororities

You might not know this but baby bettas are not that aggressive. It is with the time that they turn into adults and become hostile.

Being a new aquarist, it is okay to not know everything. Female bettas tend to show aggression while competing for food or territory.

Yet this doesn't mean you can simply let it be that way. Though in starting they will for sure fight including biting, chasing, flaring, etc.

Over time, you will notice the fights will reduce and further diminish. Sometimes you will also have to jump into action and cut down the whole mess.

If such a situation occurs where the injuries are prominent. Place the aggressive betta in a separate tank for the time being.

Or if there is a weak betta, you will have to meddle in the affair. In this case, keep the bullied fish in a separate tank till healed.

The Success Of Betta Sorority Tank

Keeping a sorority tank comes with equal chances of failure as well as success. It depends on you whether the tank will survive or be a disaster.

But if you keep in view a few basic factors, the failure becomes easy to avert.

The Personality Of Each Fish

Each betta female in your tank will have its nature and personality. Some can be peaceful and some can be aggressive bullies and so on.

And often if there is even a single bully in your tank, it will mess with others. So to ensure a calm environment, always opt for the bettas that are rather peaceful.

And try to avoid any puny or weak betta so it won't become a victim.

The Size Of the Tank

Though we already discussed the suitable tank size, you must know it is a ruling factor.

Even if all bettas are peaceful, with time any of them can turn aggressive. So you need to ensure that each betta gets plenty of space in the tank to set the territory.

Your minimal choice should start from 10 gallons at least or 20 gallons.

Shelter And Hiding Places

The reason why we urge you to add cover and decor is to create a shelter. Yes, you heard it right!

The hiding spots and shelters you provide are also crucial factors. So don't feel reluctant and all more rocks, plants, caves, and other stuff.

Without these spots or in a deserted tank, they will often face each other. This can at some point make them bore and aggressive too.

Also, they won't have any territories set and they would tear apart each other in the fight.

Introducing to Each Other

In case you want your bettas to get along rather than biting each other, here is a tip. After your tank is all set, try to introduce the bettas at the same time.

When you add them all in the tank together, they will recognize others and mark their territory too.

Another trick is to buy the young bettas and that too from local breeders.

In this way, they will not only grow together but you can get the bettas from the same cup.

The Color Of the Bettas

The last factor is the colours of your opted bettas. Now, this is not a rule of thumb but the majority has reported so. Try to pick up bettas that are different in colours and type.

By doing so the chances of them getting along are high. And they won't consider the other bettas a threat.

FAQ's To Cover

Do Betta Fish Make Good Pets? 7 Pros and Cons – Family Pet Planet

Can A Male Betta Live With A Sorority?

After your sorority tank has succeeded, you might be curious to know another thing.

Now, most of us will wonder if they can add a male betta to live with the sorority.
Well, as for that question you can do so.

The most reliable and common way is to keep 1 male and 1 female. Or you can keep 1 male in your existing sorority.

But you need to be cautious as this process is not for newbies and experts only.  Though it may seem to be all interested and appealing, it is not.

This can bring along some serious problems too which a novice can't handle. And how can you forget the backup tank you will need in case of failure.

So rather than experimenting, try to keep both the genders separate.

You will need a lot of extra stuff like a tank divider, so they won't breed. With the high chances of pregnancy, there can be stressful too among both genders.

So even though this might work well, we urge you to avoid doing this. The chances of survival and success can reduce drastically once females get pregnant.

Males tend to consider them a threat to eggs and attack them.
Yet if you are an expert and can handle all the possibilities, only then you have the green signal.

How Do I Feed My Betta Sorority?

Feeding your bettas also needs some careful measures to follow up. You have to ensure that you feed them a mixture of food.

Always consider option high-grade betta pellets but add other items too. But being carnivores, they can also eat insects and larvae.

Also, indulge some live food in their feed whenever possible. If you can't opt to live food, try some frozen or freeze-dried food.

You can feed bloodworms but not frequently or try Daphnia.

When setting up a diet, always keep premium-quality protein sources included.

You can add shrimp, insect larvae, or even whole fish. And never forget to spread the food throughout the tank so every betta can get some.

Always maintain a balance while feeding them and avoid overfeeding them. As a rule, only give portions about their eye's size.

Not only excessive can cause problems to them but can rot in the water.

Being territorial, they will fight for the food too, so ensure you feed every single betta equal food. If you see a betta bullying others and depriving it of feeding.

Try to spread the food in small amounts in all corners.

Or you can also catch a betta in a net and feed her in there, then do the same with the rest.

In this way, each of them will get equal portions of food.
Want to know a trick?

Rather than feeding them in bulk, feed them small meals every day. These have quite a small stomach so they can't digest massive feed.

All the excessive will be only passed as waste in the water causing pollution. Keep an eye on the water and don't forget to remove any uneaten food.

Wrapping It All Up!

It is common to see people striving to keep with any trend. Having a Betta Sorority tank is also a hype these days.

As well as this is the only method to keep several bettas in a single tank. 

Female bettas are no doubt colourful and give an astounding view with their gritty nature. But there is one tiny problem with this hobby.

If you don't end up setting the tank right, the bettas will probably kill or at least tear apart others.

So this hobby comes with great measures and cares requirements. You will need some decor, cover, etc to keep the bettas from fighting.

The downfall is that no matter how well they start to get along, you will need a backup plan.

Any of the bettas can turn aggressive and create trouble for others too.

So wrapping it up, we will say try to follow up on all possible measures. It will not only make the experience fun but easy to continue.

Also, we recommend that you buy your bettas from the local breeders.

We hope you will find all this information obliging. Yet in case of any further queries, feel free to come up with the questions.

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