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5 Easy to Implement Steps in Cleaning a ( fish tank) that you need to know

by Hoang Nguyen 07 Jan 2018 0 Comments

How To Clean A Fish Tank

Fish tank maintenance should not be neglected since the fish tank has small space and don't have the capabilities to clean itself like a river or lake they rely on human intervention. You need to mimic natural filtration system of nature in your small space fish tank, you need to set up filtration system  and perform weekly fish tank cleaning so here are the 5 easy steps you can implement I got this cool and easy steps from Oliver Knott video that he share on Facebook  so without further adieu here are the steps 

 5 Easy Steps To Clean A Fish Tank

1. Paper towel wipe the aquarium surface with it will remove the algae on the aquarium surface walls.

fish tank cleaner paper towel


2. Razorblade scrubs the surface carefully in slanting position to avoid the glass being scratch and avoid the edge area where the glass was bind with silicone you might cut the silicone.

razor blade use for cleaning the fish tank


3. Magic sponge scrubber this sponge scrubber have special fiber materials that help remove the algae in the aquarium. Just scrub the fish tank surface.  

fish tank cleaner magic sponge scrubber


4. Toothbrush to clean the fish tank edges where it was bind with silicone so the safest tool to clean is toothbrush to avoid cutting and damaging the silicone. 

fish tank cleaner toothbrush


5. fish tank syphon-syphon the algae and fish poh in the fish tank 

fish tank syphon


    You can watch the video tutorial of Oliver Knott.

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