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Aquarium Shrimp

Freshwater Shrimp For Sale.

The tiny creatures like shrimp have made space in the aquarist's heart widely in the past few years. The freshwater shrimp are the most tempting creatures to have inside your tank. If you are looking for some new additive to your freshwater tank, here we bring to you the list of shrimps and their mating process ideal for your tank. Freshwater shrimps are no-doubt the most alluring creature to watch and have; shrimps are easy to take care of. Available in a huge variety you might face difficulty in choosing the right shrimp for your tank moreover the characteristics of all shrimp varies from one another. New species are being grown widely these days and bred for better results; they were all not created in the same manner so not every shrimp is ideal.

The dwarf freshwater shrimps are always lively and joyful as they are always occupied with the eating or algae or any other kind of eating. Being smaller in size they are decumbent to be foreshadowed by bigger fishes. 

Shrimps can make your tank look more alluring and clean effortlessly as they are naturally so pleasing to eyes and minds. There are several different varieties of shrimp that are to be taken care of differently and pursue different beauty. Cherry shrimp is one of the most heart creature among them all if you get a Cherry shrimp available t get it for your tank today and make your tank look more tempting. You can find Cherry shrimp available on Microaquaticshop in Australia which is one of the best aquatic creatures storing and delivering company in Australia.

The benefits of cherry shrimp
  • The skin of cherry fish is nutritional, which is an ideal choice for your tank as it contains many minerals.
  • The cute creatures are soothing to your eyes and beautify your tank.
  • The cherry shrimp is of ideal size, adult cherry shrimp is 4cm.
  • They thrive on algae or the detritus.
  • They are quite active in the tank.
  • They can withstand the different conditions of the water.
  • The shedding process for them is rapid; they can again open up in a while.
  • The different kinds of freshwater shrimp

Shrimps are of different sizes and adaptation. No species of shrimp is similar to the other, making it is the most variable species.

Cherry Shrimp: The cherry shrimp have come from Taiwan and has come to popularity because of its mating ease. They have an attractive red color and are easy to keep in aquariums, easy to maintain and take care of.

Red Cherry Shrimp: The RCS is a breed of shrimp popularly known as Neocaridina denticulata. It is a freshwater fish and is available in bright red color and adds immense beauty to your tank loaded with green aquarium plants.

Yellow Cherry Shrimp: The bright yellow color in your tank is added by the yellow cherry shrimp. They are undemanding when it is about water parameters as far as extremes are avoided. Yellow cherry shrimp is a great algae control and is an omnivore.

Blue Cherry Shrimp: Also known as blue velvet shrimp is appreciated for its blue color; it adds a soothing ambiance to the tank and is the variant of the ever-popular red cherry shrimp. They are by far the most requested shrimps in the shops.

Green Jades cherry Shrimp: It is another color morph of Neocaridina Heteropoda that started appearing in 2015 and 2016. They are greatly accepted because of their hardiness, prolific breeding rate, and attractive color.

The most asked thing about the mating of freshwater aquarium tank mates and the conditions for the better breeding of their young ones. The most commonly found mate is snails, non-aggressive fishes, danio fish, catfish, etc. Other fishes are also an option depending on the size of the shrimp on how much harm can they cause each other.  The baby shrimps are likely to be eaten by best fishes so it is important to be peculiar while we choose the tank mates for fish. They are to be kept away from large fishes and are to be provided with hiding space like rock caves and plants. 

The more the variety the greater the options to choose, fill your tank today with exotic shrimps shopping from the wide range at Microaquaticshop in Australia. The variety of shrimps available here are all healthy and are taking proper care of as per the characters and the adaptations of the shrimps. The wide delivery is done throughout Australia to maintain the reputation of delivering the most healthy shrimps and quick service.

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