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Shrimps 101

10 Best Freshwater Shrimps for Aquarium

by Allyson Dillera Collaborator 17 Mar 2020 0 Comments

10 Best Freshwater Shrimps for Aquarium

 Would you like to set up a shrimp aquarium? Whether you want to house; Ghost Shrimp, Cherry Shrimp, Amano Shrimp or even Crystal Red Shrimp, the process will be the same and easy. Generally, a person who wants to start a shrimp tank had some experience with setting up fish tanks. Your experience with building up a fish tank will help you with the shrimp aquarium too.

When it comes to colors, patterns, sizes, care level, and temperature range, the most interesting and beautiful creatures you can have in a tank are freshwater shrimps.

Here are some lists of popular and best freshwater shrimps for your aquarium.


Red Cherry Shrimp

Red Cherry Shrimps are popular for their bright and contrast color. Red Cherry Shrimps are hassle-free shrimps and it doesn’t need regular maintenance. This shrimp feeds on both algae and leftover fish food and it makes a great clean-up crew. Avoid aggressive fish surrounding them too.


Snowball Shrimp

Snowball Shrimp can have extra fluctuations in water stability and will consume anything like left-over fish food. Snowball Shrimp quickly breed and can grow a colony in no time. It is best kept in an aquarium with plants like Java Fern.


Ghost Shrimp

Ghost Shrimps are extraordinary for first-time shrimp proprietors and are superb scavengers so they make the best addition to a non-aggressive community tank.


Blue Tiger Shrimp

Blue Tiger Shrimps are commonly known for their contrasting blue color and black stripes with stunning orange eyes that will surely look nice inside the aquarium. Be careful when adding ammonia and nitrate since Blue Tiger Shrimp is sensitive to it.

Panda Shrimp

Panda Shrimp aka Black King Kong Pandas. It has beautifully striking black and white stripes. Panda Shrimp and Taiwan Bees Shrimp are bred to create a Blue Bolt Shrimp.

Blue Bolt Shrimp

Blue Bold Shrimp is one of the most beautiful and unique looking among other shrimp species. It is known for its combination of blue, green and yellow. This type of shrimp won’t usually be available on your local fish store since they are rare, you might want to order them online too.

Amano Shrimp

Amano Shrimp is famously known for an insatiable appetite for algae and it won’t need constant maintenance on your shrimp tank. Amano Shrimp keeps your tank clean always.

Crystal Red Shrimp

Their unique and beautiful pattern makes them one of the most selectively bred species. Crystal Red Shrimp is a little bit difficult to care for but when done correctly, Crystal Red Shrimp are extremely beautiful inside the shrimp aquarium.


Bumblebee Shrimp

Bumblebee Shrimp and Red Cherry Shrimp are best companions since they don’t interbreed and have similar water parameters. Both shrimps are easy to care for.

Babaulti Shrimp

Balbaulti Shrimp have a wide variety of colors, including; red, yellow, green, and brown. Balbaulti Shrimp’s striped pattern is pretty common in freshwater shrimps. Compared to other shrimp species, Babaulti is easy to care for.

Freshwater shrimp make an excellent addition to other community tanks like fish and turtle tanks. It is perfect for hobbyists who like to keep a contrasting color species inside their tank.

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